Flora Battery and Alternator sells Deka batteries manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing. East Penn is a private, family-owned company operating the largest single-site, lead-acid battery manufacturing facility in the world. East Penn has over 70 years of experience in batteries and has become one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers.
All automotive Deka batteries come with a 3-year warranty with no proration. We also stock a full line of Farm implement, semi-truck, lawn mower, motor cycle and specialty batteries.

Alternators & Starters

Flora Battery and Alternator carries a wide variety of starters and alternators from the Model-T era to current day automotive and farm implements. If for some reason we do not have a replacement unit in most cases we have the means to repair them. We also have access to suppliers that if we don’t have the parts or replacement units we can order them and get them in a timely manner.


We have been selling safes for 21 years and have been very happy with the quality and workmanship of Liberty Safe. Liberty Safe has a best in the industry warranty on their safes, that is a Life Time Warranty. We have several safes in stock and if we don’t have what you want we can order it to your needs. Just call us to see what we have or if you have questions about ordering a safe to protect your valuables.

Repair or Replace Locks

Is your home or office door lock giving you troubles, then give us a call and we can come and check it out for you. We have the ability that we can sometimes repair your locks to full functionality and if they are wore out enough that repair is not an option we can replace them for you as well. If you have recently purchased a new home or office and would like to have a different key so that the old keys would not work, we can do this as well.

Professional lockpicking service

Are you locked out of your home or office? We can help with this. We have been educated in the techniques required to get you in your home or office.

Unlock Vehicles

If you are locked out of your vehicle we have also been trained to be able to get you in there as well. Flora Battery & Alternator is licensed as Locksmiths in the State of Illinois, license # 191-000355.